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Scott Covington

According to Scott, SWAG's cofounder and songwriter extraordinaire, “music has been an awesome creative outlet from the pressures of ‘Grown up Land’.   

While grown up land has meant that Scott has moved out of a comfortable commuting distance to regularly rehearse and perform with SWAG, when able he jams with the band.  

Many of the originals that SWAG performs and has recorded are Scott's creation and hence his creative energy and passion continues to invigorate the band and keep SWAG's style of music fresh and unique.

Tim Lassiter

Drummer Tim Lassiter joined the band in 2011 and became a driving force behind the music, laying the foundation for the original SWAG beat. Tim is an accomplished drummer with over 25 years of combined experience playing the drums. Tim has performed in a variety of working bands, covering everything from rock, blues, jazz, R&B, and country. In his early days of performing, Tim also played drums in a polka band while living in Pennsylvania. Tim left SWAG in early 2013 to pursue other interests and is currently playing drums in a country rock band called Staggered Rails. Tim also works full time for the State of North Carolina Office of Information Technology Services. We will miss Tim, but we wish him all the best of luck. Maybe one day he’ll join us again on stage for a SWAG reunion.